For a quarter century CARE Chest has been a critical health resource for thousands of Northern Nevadans. Our free programs are designed to fill insurance gaps for underserved populations. We provide items like medical equipment, diabetes testing supplies and medical nutrition products, and services such as prescription assistance, wellness education classes, and assistive technology for independent living.


In 2015 CARE Chest reaches a huge milestone: 25 years of continuous service in Reno. With the help of a generous community of donors, we have connected more than 110,000 clients to medical items and services, helping to build a healthier, happier community. Join us this year celebrating our silver anniversary in the Silver State!


In 2015, CARE Chest anticipates helping more than 7,000 clients with critical health resources. We do this at no cost to income-qualified Northern Nevadans, thanks to the generosity of individual and organizational donors. Whether it is financial resources, medical equipment or volunteer hours, your support is a critical component of CARE Chest’s mission.


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    Executive Kidnap, March 5

    Twenty-three years and still going strong, CARE Chest’s Executive Kidnap is a fun event, where local business and community leaders are “kidnapped” to raise funds.

    Every dollar pledged to help a kidnap participant meet his or her fundraising goal impacts the lives of the local children and adults served by CARE Chest’s medical resource programs.




25 years of Spirit

At 86 years old, Mae doesn’t move quite like she used to when she first came to Northern Nevada in the 1970’s as a professional dancer. But CARE Chest helps keep her on her feet…with a smile on her face.